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Featuring a collection of the best classic Earthrock in the galaxy and the latest in news from civilized space, Radio Skvortsov is your voice in the dark. Let Disc Commander Felix Dyson spin you a collection of truly ancient tunes (or whatever else he feels like throwing into the rotation)  to see you on your way for those long meandering voyages among the stars, or tune in to our GalNet hypercasts for an update on current events in the bubble.

Broadcasting semi-live 24/7 from the independent Anaconda Darien Gap, Radio Skvortsov is a free public hypercast made possible by a generous grant from the Diamond Frogs’ TeleCommunications Access for the Public initiative, as well as through donations from listeners like you.

(Station Management would like to remind listeners that Radio Skvortsov is not a pirate station, and any overpowering of public hypercast frequencies is merely coincidental and most likely a sign that you should upgrade your equipment anyway)

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