The Frogs of Violence (Demo)

The Frogs of Violence (Demo)

Hello Harry, my old friend
We’ve come to kill for you again
Croak and Dagger softly creeping
Sowed our seeds while factions were sleeping
And the station that was planted in our space
Our only trace
Now we’re the Frogs of Violence

Through empty space I flew alone
When we lost our hallowed home
But with guidance from the Diamond Frogs
I turned my back on being Avril’s cog
When our eyes were opened to the grind of power play
We turned away
We are the Frogs of violence

And in your system ships will burn
Unless you pay you’ll have your turn
Diamond Frogs don’t care just where you stand
All we need is money in our hands
People crying out that what we do’s unfair
But no one dared
Oppose the Frogs of violence

“Fools,” said I, “you do not know
Violence like a cancer grows
Buy us off and we will teach you
But double cross and we will reach you”
But my words like our silent scout ships fell
And echoed in that hell of violence

And the people begged and prayed
To a God that never came
And the Frogs flashed out their warning
By the wing that they were forming
And their comms said “The words of the Kermit are written on the Skvortsov walls
And Harry’s halls
And whispered by the Frogs of violence”


Lyrics originally by ParallelWoody