Not Quite Connected

Posted By: Felix Dyson On:

rs_portraits0001For those of you unfamiliar with just how exactly we get the music from our station delivered across the galaxy straight to your earholes, let me introduce you to our ever faithful mobile broadcast studio, the Darien Gap. She’s a Faulcon-DeLacey Bananaconda decked out specifically for high-power hypernet transmission, plus a little trading and exploring (and shooting) on the side. She’s staffed with a veritable army of firmware hacked fuel limpets faithful interns who keep up with day-to-day tasks like maintenance and manning the turrets in the rare occasion we run into someone who doesn’t appreciate broadcast media quite like we do. So if you ever see a bright yellow Anaconda plying the spacelanes, why not wave hello? We might even wave back (if we’re not fiddling with the dimensional stabilizers as usual).

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